Here at Immanuel Assembly we have 4 core values
Bringing People to a Living Christ
 Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are all traits of a God identification problem. That’s why we have made “Bringing people to a living Christ” one of our core values. God’s not dead but alive and wants to have the kind of relationship with you that brings faith, hope, and love back in your life.
Believing God Can Do All Things
God can do anything! However, many times we have a hard time believing that He can or even wants to. This is why “Believing God can do all things” is a core value. Our goal is to guide others into a relationship with God so that they can trust him with everything.
Bridging into the Community
No moss on this rolling stone! We believe in Morton Kelsey’s quote, “The Church is not a museum for the saints, but a hospital for sinners.” That is why “bridging into the community” is an essential part of who we are. This value is implemented in every part of our DNA from ministries to outreach.

Family design over white background, vector illustration

Building Strong Families
In a world where the slogan of “A family that prays together stays together” has become dated, we confront the norm with everything from education to events that foster growth of not just the individual but the family as a whole. This is why “Building Strong Families” is a core value here at Immanuel.
We also hold to the Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God which can be found by clicking here.